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sally & brian by @ajknox
Part of characters of gaiaposted 1 week ago

sally (she/her) and her dad brian (he/it) !! two of my most precious dnd ocs. brian is very heavily based on the mechanisms' drumbot brian because. i love him.

sally is a babaylan, which in gaia is a shaman-like title passed down from the demigod child of bathala, salamangka, to their firstborn and so on. every firstborn has powers equal to the first babaylan, demigod abilities and all.

sally was found as a baby at the foot of salamangka's temple and taken to the orphanage of myrmidicus. brian, a metal construct, works there and is her main caretaker. brian will eventually adopt her, but the exact events are undecided until this current campaign is finished >:D


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