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Music of the Gerudo King by @Anilede
updated 1 month ago

There's a long history behind this piece. This piece was originally going to be featured in a Ganondorf Fanzine, which had been delayed for a long time. I was given the option to do up to 4 pages for the zine, and I ended up doing 4 full pieces   All 4 pieces I did had been completed January 2020, but because of Covid19, the production of the zine was halted for a year. As a result, I felt like the works I did was out of date and ultimately made the decision to pull 2 of them from the zine.

What happened next was taking time to rework this piece so that the composition fit better, making the canvas taller, instead of cramming it to fit a printed page. The difference between the updated version and the original is quite significant. Of all my Ganondorf fanart, this one is my current favorite that I've done ^^

I hope you enjoy it! All faves, comments and feedback are very much appreciated ^^



Ganondorf/Legend of Zelda © Nintendo
The Phantom of the Opera (musical) © Andrew Lloyd Webber

Art © Myself, Anilede
My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.


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