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he/theyboob enthusiast (=ⓛωⓛ=)
Intro Meme/First Journal Test? by @Gore-Kun
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Apparently there's a little journal intro floating around for sheezy.. so I figured I'd fill it out rq + test journals :3


name/nickname: Rot/Grin/Gore-Kun

gender: male

pronouns: he/they

fun fact: i suck ass at fun facts

hobbies/interests: art/watching vids/games

dream job: medical lab tech


favorite medium: digital/tablet... pls.. i hate paper sm

favorite subject: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... portraits?.........

favorite artists/inspiration: old popular artists/animators (yaegar, ufohouse, splashkitty, etc)

favorite period of art: BAROQUE.. (17th century)

piece you're the most proud of: pretty much anything I post, i have high expectations lul and will not post s**tty art

how long have you been creating: art since i was young of course, but didnt really get into posting until 11/12

how did you learn: self-taught 

how long does it usually take you to make something: if i have the motivation to complete it in 1 day, then about 1-2 hrs

what's the big project you haven't got around to yet: i'd love to repaint an old scenery piece i have of an old char...