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|Chain Linked| by @Miski-Deer-Art
Part of |Scorched Earth|updated 4 days ago


I did not get much sleep that night. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity after all! Finally I get to see the world! Luckily, I managed to keep my squeals of excitement to myself. I was in charge of the expedition after all. I had to act the part!

Hope: “Morning everyone! Please help yourselves to some tea while I do a head count”.

Morpho: “What’s this? Morning tea? Bribery gets you places~!”

I shoved the cup he was holding to his face.

Hope: “Shhh… just drink and listen. Alright lets see, Morpho is here. Darcie?”

Darcie: “That was quite the passionate speech you gave. But do you really have any idea what you’re doing?” she said in a condescending tone.

Hope: “Lets just… play it by ear, okay? Cara?”

Cara emitted a chuff sound in response. It can best be described as an attempt at holding in a sneeze.

Hope: “Cara is here an-“

Pavo: “This has been most informative. Seems the Chief’s concerns were justified after all”.

Hope: “WOAH WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?! Can you not spook me like that?”

Pavo: “How rude. There is nothing startling about my appearance”.

Hope: “That’s not- *ahem*. Anyway do I know you?”

Pavo: “I do not believe so. I am Pavo. The Chief’s disciple and a trained medical professional. I am under the Chief’s order to ensure the safety of all travellers. That is my duty. I presume you are the herbalist, the one orchestrating this…whatever this is?”

Hope: “Yes I am. My name is Hope”.

I held out my hoof.

Hope: “Although I did not see this coming, having a doctor with us will definitely be helpful. And who knows, you may even enjoy it!”

He stared at my hoof a bit longer than I anticipated. It seemed he did not want to reciprocate. 

Pavo: “My duty is make sure no one gets hurt. I will not be swayed otherwise”.

Hope: “Okay…”

Yikes. Where was that sweet dark abyss when I needed one?

Looking back on it, I forgot how formidable Decade Forest was. We were dwarfed by the graveyard of sequoias and our field of vision was greatly limited. This graveyard in particular had itself a keeper; one our Chief tried to keep an eye on, but to no avail. He refused to say anything else in regards to it, only that it was extremely dangerous. Conclusion? The less time we spend in there, the better. There was a lot of ground to cover. We could not afford to overstay our welcome.


Scorched Earth Blurb:
Under the guise of discovering new herbs, Hope and four others escape from their overworked life of Home Village, excited by the prospect of adventure. But when one of her crew goes missing, Hope refuses to return home without them. On their mystical journey they discover new locations, characters, cultures and make a very powerful enemy. Can they uncover Hibernia’s darkest secrets and save their friend in time? See their story here!


Art (c) me
Hope and Cara (c) me


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