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Sheezy.Art is shutting down. Please download your artwork by March 1st

Sheezy.Art is shutting down by brightness_auto@rytoonist
updated 3 weeks ago11,933 views77 likes211 comments

Hey Sheezy,

I’d like to extend my profound thanks to all of our members, supporters, staff and fans for sticking with us over the last year.

We’ve had an incredible journey together packed with exciting times and interesting challenges, and it’s been humbling to have you all by our side as we’ve grown and learned throughout the development of this crazy project.

I’m afraid I must deliver some sad news – after months of consideration and planning, and despite our best efforts as a team, we are going to have to shutter the Sheezy.Art website for the foreseeable future.

Creating a community is not an easy feat. It takes patience, planning, dedication, time and, of course, money – all of which comes with the additional cost of mental energy and motivation from all of those involved.

When I first started working on Sheezy.Art, it was nothing more than a hobby – a passion project that I was chipping away at in my free time for fun and as a learning exercise. Somewhere down the line, word got out and I made the decision to release it to the public in the form of “Sheezy.Art BETA”.

The site gained a small amount of traction and our growth was slow but steady. I knew the site wasn’t ready for the “big time” yet so I was really happy with the trickle of new members that we had.

While I was away in London trying to enjoy Comic Con back in October, something miraculous and devastating happened – a mass influx saw the site’s userbase explode. We went from ~600 users to well over 4,000 in the space of 32 hours. Despite being on vacation, I had to perform a number of quick fixes via my iPad to prevent the site from going down and to implement an “off switch” for new site registrations. Since then we’ve had to use a “controlled growth” approach, letting in 500 users at a time. Upon opening each set of slots, we saw them fill up more and more quickly, which raised some concerning issues for us.

Since that moment at Comic Con, my primary focus has been on Sheezy. It’s taken over my life and I’ve made a number of sacrifices to be able to continue working on it - often working 11 hour days, 7 days a week and with no pay (the Patreon/Ko-Fi funding goes directly to the costs of hosting the site). This pattern simply cannot continue or I’ll end up dead in a ditch somewhere with a half-built website.

Our Patreon campaign is now closed and we are no longer accepting new pledges - existing pledges will not renew.

Here is our timeline for the sunsetting of Sheezy.Art:

2nd January - Patreon & Ko-Fi campaigns closed 1st February - Website will go into “Read-Only” mode 1st March - Website will be shut down

You’ll have until March 1st to download any artwork you have on the site - thereafter you can email us on with your sheezy account email address and we’ll send you an archive of your account content.

Our Discord server will remain in place and we have no plans to close it - we’d like to continue using this as a community space and will still be hosting monthly competitions, sessions and all that good stuff in the server, which you can join here.

We appreciate your understanding and support. This decision has not been made lightly.

I’ll be forever grateful for the amazing community that has manifested here.

Thanks for everything,


PS: Just a reminder that weekly gallery days will continue as normal every Wednesday

Rules & Guidelines Update! by security@Ellteo
updated 5:49pm, 2nd November 20212,235 views51 likes69 comments

Update (11/2/21)

Hey folks!! We wanted to mention here since this is where most of the questions are being asked, that for a little while we'll be tabling any edits to the rules or guidelines unless we find them to be essential or absolutely necessary to address. In addition, minor edits to wording or "splitting hairs" on what is/isn't allowed in a specific rating will not be discussed unless multiple sources are reporting the same problem. 

This isn't because we don't want to make things as clear as possible, but because we've been so focused on just making edits to the rules and guidelines lately that a few things have happened. 

1) Feaures that have been highly requested (such as the updated uploader, universal autoplay toggle, etc) haven't been worked on because we as a team have had to discuss every rule change thus far.

2) Our main admin/dev, Ry, hasn't been able to catch a all. As you can guess this isn't healthy and they desperately need some time off. 

You are still more than welcome to bring concerns to our attention! They are always helpful and always appreciated. This is mostly just an update that new edits won't be made unless absolutely necessary. If something is brought to our attention that is a glaring issue, we of course will do our best to address it! 

Hello Ghoulies, Goblins, and Skellybones abound! 💀 👻 🎃

First of all - Happy Halloween! For some of you it may be over, but for others the night of frights is just beginning >:) We hope you have/had a wonderful spooky time whatever the case may be!

We’re hopping on to let you all know about some updates and changes we’ve made. Mainly this is in regards to our Rules and Guidelines.

We’ve been talking about releasing updated rules and guidelines since our large explosion of users a few weeks back. We’ve been pretty busy since then trying to accommodate the influx in both the discord and the site itself, and as such we haven’t been able to push these out as quickly as we wanted to. We wanted to make sure we got as much input from each other on the mod team as possible, and we wanted to try to cover as much as we could think to cover. Your suggestions and questions have helped guide us in this process. 

By no means is our updated list exhaustive. Both the Rules and Upload Guidelines pages are living documents - they will update and change with the site and its growth as needed. But we’d like to think that this is a good start, and makes things a lot more clear for users going forward.

You can find the updated Rules page here.

And you can find the updated Guidelines here.

If you have any questions for us regarding these updates, please feel free to voice them in the comments below, or field them to one of our moderators in the discord. That being said,

We’d also like to announce that - as some of you may have noticed, we’ve had to turn off discord invites for now. 

This is a decision made carefully; We want to give our moderator team some time to adjust and settle in. Because of the large influx of users over the past week or two, we’ve had to make snap decisions and push things out much faster than we ever intended to. Because of this we’ve had some major growing pains, as we’re sure you are well aware. To combat these struggles, we’re trying to reign things in a bit. We hope you understand!

Once we have the discord server more comfortably managed, we will open things up again. In that same tangent, registrations will open once we have the site servers migrated and settled to better hosting.

We’d like to, once again, extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you. Sheezy would not be sheezy without your continued support and use! You make this community what it is, and we’re happy to be curating this space for you. 

We hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!


Some Clarification by brightness_auto@rytoonist
updated 2:36am, 29th October 20211,947 views87 likes14 comments

The Sheezy.Art staff would like to recognize and clarify our position and policy on multiple points that need some clearing up.

To preface - we are not a big company, nor do we have a large-scale team. The site was built and is managed by one person. We have 15 Discord moderators, 10 of whom are also moderators on the site.

Additionally please note that the only reliable source of answers to any questions you may have about the site will come from our official Twitter account or a member of staff via the Discord server. Our staff do not speak for us via Twitter.

As the site’s size has blown in proportion in what feels like overnight, we have not had a chance to properly adjust things as they have needed to be. The staff is currently working on a much more clear and concise guide for what is and is not allowed on the site, and how to properly rate acceptable content. With this in mind, we want to stress a few things.

We do not, and will not, allow explicit or adult content involving minors. We do not, and will not, allow minors to access content that is rated in our tiers intended for use by our 18+ users. We currently do have site protocols in place to prevent minors from accessing said content- if a minor is found to give false information to access 18+ content on the site, staff will take appropriate action.

Our rating system right now is vague. We’re actively working to change that. We are creating a detailed guide that will be easily accessible and clearly stated so that users can rate content appropriately, and likewise, blacklist content appropriately. We are dedicated to making sure that folks do not have to be exposed to content that they either do not wish to see, or legally cannot have access to. The guide for ratings covers all four separate tiers, while the guide for rules will cover the rest of what is permissible on the website, both in content and user behavior.

We have received a lot of requests and questions about our policy, features, user interface, and plans for the future. Rest assured that we are taking everything into account, but with the huge burst in site growth we’re a little overwhelmed in all departments!

We are so thankful for everyone’s support and continued patience as we all learn and grow together. We all want the best for Sheezy.Art and our fantastic users that call the site home. The staff is working hard, literally around the clock, to make this place a comfortable second home on the Internet, and we’re so happy to have you along for the journey

We will try to do these posts intermittently, to make sure that there’s as little confusion as possible about our policies and plans for the site.

Thank you for reading this post, and we hope you have continued enjoyment of your experience here at Sheezy.Art!

Planned Maintenance by brightness_auto@rytoonist
updated 3:30pm, 23rd October 20211,266 views44 likes14 comments

Hey there all!

The last couple of days have been extremely crazy! We've had a huge influx of new members and artwork to the site - so welcome! We love ya!

Unfortunately we were really not expecting all of you to turn up at once - and looking at our Counter page, the growth doesn't seem to be slowing down.

So for the sake of our poor, poor server and our absolutely heroic moderation team, we'll be shutting the site down tonight for just a few hours, starting from 5PM GMT. Rest assured we're not going anywhere! We just want to give our mods a chance to catch up with all the new stuff that's been posted and give our server a chance to recover.

As always, our Discord server will remain open and we'll be posting regular updates as things progress. There will also be an announcement via Twitter once the site is back up.

Thank you so much for all of your support,

See you soon!



PS- Did you know we have Patreon and Ko-Fi campaigns? Pretty soon we're going to need to start investing in enterprise-level hosting, and that stuff is expensive - so if you can afford it, please hop on over and chuck us a couple of bucks. No pressure though, we love you all the same just for signing up and spreading the word!

Welcome and Hello! by brightness_auto@rytoonist
posted 7:33am, 19th October 20211,425 views64 likes46 comments

I'd like to say a huge hello and welcome to all our newest members - it's been so encouraging checking out all the incredible artwork and reading the lovely feedback regarding the site!

If you're reading this right now then please be aware that you are very much appreciated and we'll do whatever we can to make sure your experience here is as enjoyable and positive as possible.

That's all really, just wanted to say thanks! :)


Active Character Update by brightness_auto@rytoonist
posted 5:20pm, 20th August 2021526 views5 likes2 comments

Hey there!

Hope y'all are doing well and staying safe.

Just a quick update to announce that today we introduced a new featured called 'Active Character' – you can create and pose as your OCs while using the site! Check it out in your Account Dashboard!


ry :RyLipBite:

Updates. Updates, everywhere! by brightness_auto@rytoonist
updated 1:12pm, 11th August 2021539 views13 likes1 comment

Sheezy is now running on freshly built software called RE2 (ry’s engine 2.0) – I’ve spent the past month revamping Sheezy’s internals and building this bespoke new engine from scratch, and I’m sure you can all agree the performance gains were worth the work!

I also managed to squeeze in some extra updates:

AWARDS! The Sheezy Spotlight award will now rotate every 8 hours, and we’re working behind the scenes on some fun new awards to dish out too - Patreon subscribers will have access to these once they’re ready! HTML5 Games can now be uploaded – these are still experimental so expect to see some bugs! Audio submissions have been treated to a lovely new audio player, freshly built from the ground up for speed and style Advanced image compression keeps your storage space usage as low as possible giving you more room for new uploads Brand new page designs for News, Journals and Notifications Fresh interface revamp for your Settings Dashboard Clearer and more representative UI for Journals and News posts Improvements to site search And more!

Given that this is a pretty massive update, there will undoubtedly be bugs and issues and whatnot. Please feel free to come scream at me on our Discord Server if you notice something looks a bit broken!

Enjoy and take it easy,


New search page, updates to comments and more! by brightness_auto@rytoonist
updated 12:51am, 2nd July 2021319 views8 likes

Hey yo!

Just wanted to post a quick announcement to make you all aware of some of our awesome new features that landed this week!

To start with, the search page has been overhauled and a "Browse" button has been added to the header - we recommend you give it a try and see if you can discover some new stuff!

The comments system has also undergone a number of improvements - not only can comments now be infinitely threaded but you can now hide comments on your artwork and news posts if you don't vibe with what they're saying. Hidden comments are hidden for everyone except the comment author and moderators - hopefully this will make public comments feel a little more positive and nullify any potential hostility.

The upload page now houses a "Replacement File" field! You can update any of your artworks - images, videos, audio and flash submissions can all now be amended.

Hope you're enjoying the site and keeping it real!


Patreon by brightness_auto@rytoonist
posted 4:17pm, 15th May 2021264 views7 likes

Hey all,

Just checkin' in and wanted to say it's super nice to see so much amazing art turning up on the site. We're seeing some seriously brilliant talent!

The response to this project has been overwhelmingly positive so far - thank you for signing up and for being a part of this awesome community.

I'd also like to mention that we do, in fact, have a Patreon campaign going - if you'd like to jazz up your profile with an animated avatar, cover photo or profile background image, we would really appreciate your support! Patrons also get unlimited storage space for their artwork and will also gain access to some exclusive extra features that will be added to the site soon, including custom Awards, additional profile blocks and more!

Thank you again just for being here, we love you all.



Discord by brightness_auto@rytoonist
posted 11:00pm, 21st April 2021355 views2 likes

Hey y'all!

It's been so humbling to see new users bringing some awesome art to the site recently - thank you for being a part of this crazy project!

Just wanted to clarify some things regarding the Discord server:

In order to access the community and discussion channels within the server you must first link your sheezy account. You can do this from Account Settings > Integrations.

I have some exciting new features planned around this integration stuff, so keep your eyes peeled and keep up the great work!



Public Beta by brightness_auto@rytoonist
posted 8:43pm, 13th April 2021294 views5 likes

I feel it's time to open the site up to the public beta stage – so welcome!

Please be aware that the site is in very early development and will be changing a lot over the coming months and (hopefully) years as I add more features and fix more bugs.

Let me know in the Discord server (link in the footer) if you come across any bugs or issues, or even just if you fancy having a chat!



Welcome and Thank You! by brightness_auto@rytoonist
posted 11:28pm, 4th April 2021305 views1 like

Welcome to all of our wonderful BETA testers - the new Sheezy grows a little more "complete" every day and it's been really cool to have so many of you helping me test it out as new features develop.

There are a number of things that I'm working on right now;

Streamlined uploader Tags (replacing 'Categories') (done!) Awards system Social media integration

And this is just the shortlist of stuff I want to get done this side of the year. I have so many awesome plans for the site and they're only going to improve our chances of bringing back that all-important community vibe.

Take it sheezy (sorry)