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Simplify + Stitch by @Nyro
Part of Personal Artposted 1 month ago

Okay, caught back up to the prompts again. Prompts for Oct. 15th were "simplify your most complicated character" and "stitch". THAX I would consider one of my more complicated characters design-wise, and lucky for me he already has some stitches in his design (I just added the needle and thread for this picture). I went with the Animal Crossing style for simplifying him, not for really any specific reason other than it is a simple style I like. (THAX would probably be very out of place in that game though, LOL). I based it more on the wolf villagers over the dog villagers because I thought the style suited THAX more.

A bit of another experimental drawing, but I like how it turned out.

The prompt lists I am using are:
OC-tober Prompts 2021 by MoonSkiier on DeviantArt
OCtober 2021 Prompts from oc-growth-and-development on Tumblr


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