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Stronger Character + Burn by @Nyro
Part of Personal Artposted 1 month ago

Prompts for Oct. 13th, "character that would beat you in a fight" and "burn". (Like with the weaker character one, I shortened it to "stronger character" for the title).

I haven't been feeling well this week so I drew this on Procreate on my iPad which I don't normally use outside of sketching. I'm usually a lot more comfortable with drawing cleaner art in FireAlpaca on my computer so when I draw in Procreate it's usually a lot more experimental.

The prompt lists I am using are:
OC-tober Prompts 2021 by MoonSkiier on DeviantArt
OCtober 2021 Prompts from oc-growth-and-development on Tumblr


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