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Long and Tall, Short and Squat by @qatsby
updated 4 days ago

🐉💕 Opheliaverse 💕🐉

I posted this to my tumblr yesterday (along with 2 other Percy doodles if you wanna see those) and thought it was worth sharing.

With my Opheliaverse reboot I want to be sure to design my characters more accurately to how I see them before I get too deep into it, and Percy has been on my mind lately. 

Persephone is a much more squat and dwarflike Draconequus. She doesn't have the length her other sisters Ophelia and Careless have. She's more compact in regards to her proportions. 

I'm likely gonna switch up Percy's lower half a little, giving her bunny paws instead of the paws of a wolf that I think will go better with her overall look.


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