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they/themi’ll set this up eventually T-T
thoughts are being thunk by @releth
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my art has improved a lot this year, yet i'm feeling less and less satisfied with it as time goes on. sometimes i think i prefer my old art even though my newer art is technically better ?? 

tag o/ by @releth
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i saw this floatin around


name/nickname: rel(eth)

gender: nonbinary

pronouns: they/them

age: 18

location: ---

fun fact: i have a furby named jethro

hobbies/interests: art, video games (i luv ffxiv), storytelling, music, spirituality

dream job: teacher :]


favorite medium: laughs in digital artist (i use clip studio paint and a wacom tablet)

favorite subject: women, sapphic love, and canines

favorite artists/inspiration: i get most of my inspiration from the music i listen to (lots of experimental electronic music)!

favorite period of art: rococo <3

piece you're the most proud of: i don't really have one right now :pensive:

how long have you been creating: since i was a wee lad

how did you learn: by watching other people draw, and various online tutorials

how long does it usually take you to make something: anywhere from a few days to a few weeks

what's the big project you haven't got around to yet: uhhh shoutout to all the unfinished ref sheets


Tag five people: do this if you want to idk

Who tagged you: (mitski voice) nobody

Blank meme: