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Commissions Open by brightness_auto@rytoonist
posted 2 weeks ago45 views2 likes

Hey hey! Decided to open up commissions for a little while - if you're interested in a little cartoony goodness please head over to my Ko-Fi page! RyLipBite


£3 - Basic doodle, no colour
£4 - Basic doodle, bg + colour
£5 - Floating head
£6 - Full body, no colour
£10 - Full body, bg + colour
£15 - Animated loop
£25 - 10 second animation

Hello There! by brightness_auto@rytoonist
posted 1:43pm, 30th April 2021148 views21 likes5 comments

It occurs to me that I haven't really introduced myself properly yet. My name is Ryan (I go by Ry, they/them) and I am the person who built this new version of Sheezy.

I'm 28 years old and am living with my partner security@sidebeef and our cat, Marble. My professional background is in website development (over a decade now, am old), but I've been dabbling with art and animation since I was a small child - back during the days of the original SheezyArt, in fact!

Back in 2006 I stumbled across Ryan Krzak's Albuquerque on the original SheezyArt website during a routine google search for a school assignment. Being one of those kids that constantly doodles in class, it really piqued my interest and I began to look around. That's when I found Eddsworld - and I was an instant fan. A few days later I had joined the site (under the username “Noggin”) and started doodling with my mouse and MS Paint. Eventually I started talking with Edd directly by bugging him a lot and he agreed to show me the basics of Macromedia Flash 8. It didn't take long before I was absolutely hooked on animation, and I went wild with it.

When SheezyArt shut down in 2013, just a year after Edd sadly passed away, my motivation for art all but disappeared. I kept my head down and worked my way up the web dev career ladder. In 2018 I started work on a base-layer CMS engine that I would use for various web-based projects, unknowingly laying the groundwork for this new incarnation of Sheezy.

When I eventually met security@sidebeef and we moved in together, we made the mutual decision that I would finally get over my crippling depression and apply for university.

Last year, I started my first year studying animation and met some of the most talented, wonderful people that I have ever met.

Sheezy has always been in the back of my brain - at the end of the day, it’s the reason I met Edd, and the reason I wanted to become an animator. Even back when the old site was still around I was contributing little bits to its codebase where I could - so the decision to build my own art site just kinda surfaced naturally in my brain. Scrolling through Instagram, Twitter and DeviantArt had started to get frustrating for me - too many adverts and “suggested posts”, not to mention the toxic barrage of bogus opinions and false facts - I knew I had the knowledge to build something that, I felt, could do better.

So I did.

Sheezy’s design and server-side code are almost entirely my own. There are a few libraries and scripts that I made use of, all listed on the Terms page, but for the most part this site is built from my own blood, sweat and tears, and there is only one thing I want to achieve with it - I want to bring back the community that I grew to love, and I want Sheezy as a whole to help nurture and encourage as many up-and-coming artists as possible.

This is why the site does not run ads, does not track any user data and will be meticulously backed up daily.

I don’t care about money or popularity - frankly I was expecting this project to fizzle out after a few months. I care about you, and I want to help you grow. That’s all this is about.

Thanks for reading