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omo's very first design by @Kharmacal
posted 1 month ago

Can offer but I'm hella tent and hoping to keep
-we both know what omo is. the name was chosen because """humor"""
-tetra isnt their deadname, its just their legal name. xe still let people use it in case their new name makes them uncomfy
-kitsune/dog hybrid
-queenie is xer adopted child
-listens to unproblematic scene/emo bands and also lemon demon
-can speak thirteen languages (english, peorrian universal, dutch, spanish, french, german, hebrew, japanese, chinese traditional AND simplified, korean, italian, peorrian universal sign language and demonite. also can understand braille, daedric letters and semaphore but im not sure if those count as languages)
-doesnt celebrate any holidays that aren't peorrian


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