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Art Challenge!!! (November 2021) by security@DaxDoodles
posted 3 weeks ago655 views31 likes11 comments

*psht* hello? do you copy? *Pssht* what's that you say? a challenge? you mean the...


It sure is, hope you all enjoyed your little break from the "official" competition but now it's time to actually have a challenge!

Recently I have gotten SO MANY cool suggestions and I was really hard pressed to pick just one from the pile but I felt that this challenge is one that will be quite fun for many of you out there, and it is.....

This months prompt is:  DREAM BEDROOM  🚪

A little explanation: This can be your bedroom, your friend's bedroom an OC's bedroom, go wild! I don't make the rules except that I do You can use anything (art or 3D program, physical art, blueprints) you like to illustrate this bedroom, just remember that to submit the post must contain the hashtag #SheezNov21 <<Very very important

Submission Deadline: December 1st

 The Rules 📜:

The artwork must have the appropriate hashtag to be submitted.

No plagiarism, if you are found stealing and/or copying someone elses work you shall be disqualified.

If your submission is NSFW it must be rated appropriately in the upload panel.

Your submission must follow all of the sites rules and rating guides.

Be respectful to your fellow competitors.

Collaboration works are allowed! Just make sure you mention everyone involved.

Most importantly, enjoy what you create and have fun making it!

If you want to make suggestions on next months prompt go to the Challenges chat on the Sheezy discord. 


Lately drinking Monster energy has been helping me sleep (not sponsored), KEEP ARTING!


Art Challenge October 2021 conclusion THANK YOU! by security@DaxDoodles
posted 3 weeks ago226 views11 likes6 comments

October 2021 Art Challenge: SHEEMZ COSTUME CONTEST :SheemzSippy: 👻

HELLO AGAIN SHEEZTACULAR PEOPLE!!! Here to announce the end of #sheezoct21 challenge!! or suggestion rather

SO MANY of you dressed up our boy and we could not be happier to see all of the wonderfull art and hope you all enjoyed recieving your rightfull award badges :SheemzCute: If you have not see the art yet then... WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ARE THE PARTICIPANTS GO LOOK AT EM!!!

HUGE THANKS to the Participants!

Ghost Sheemz by @jasen  

Sheemz vs artblock basilisk by @imperator 

Sweater Weather by @snacksgg 

Haunted Sheemz by @cartoons 

Sheemz Halloween Moments by @sunshu 

Demon Sheemz by @kalecheeps 

Sheemz by @satoga 

Vampire Sheemz by @squid-killer 

ZA WARUDO by @voidwitchcult 

Sheemz Konata by @cottageram 

Zombie Survival by @bonythesquirrel 

⭐ Lazy Sheemz Doodle by @kawaii4eva 

Bad time or whatever by @voxaz 

A "NSFW" Costume by @overfix8 

Press any key to continue by @damascus 

Sheemz Halloweeenz by @cautioncat 

Sheemz vampire costume by @thiccmurg 

CW: Eyestrain! by @fae_line 

If you want to make suggestions on next months prompt go to the Challenges chat on the Sheezy discord. 

Stay tuned for when the next art challenge prompt gets released!

I love art so much so you better keep posting it! 

Rules & Guidelines Update! by star_border@Ellteo
updated 3 weeks ago1,702 views54 likes68 comments

Update (11/2/21)

Hey folks!! We wanted to mention here since this is where most of the questions are being asked, that for a little while we'll be tabling any edits to the rules or guidelines unless we find them to be essential or absolutely necessary to address. In addition, minor edits to wording or "splitting hairs" on what is/isn't allowed in a specific rating will not be discussed unless multiple sources are reporting the same problem. 

This isn't because we don't want to make things as clear as possible, but because we've been so focused on just making edits to the rules and guidelines lately that a few things have happened. 

1) Feaures that have been highly requested (such as the updated uploader, universal autoplay toggle, etc) haven't been worked on because we as a team have had to discuss every rule change thus far.

2) Our main admin/dev, Ry, hasn't been able to catch a all. As you can guess this isn't healthy and they desperately need some time off. 

You are still more than welcome to bring concerns to our attention! They are always helpful and always appreciated. This is mostly just an update that new edits won't be made unless absolutely necessary. If something is brought to our attention that is a glaring issue, we of course will do our best to address it! 

Hello Ghoulies, Goblins, and Skellybones abound! 💀 👻 🎃

First of all - Happy Halloween! For some of you it may be over, but for others the night of frights is just beginning >:) We hope you have/had a wonderful spooky time whatever the case may be!

We’re hopping on to let you all know about some updates and changes we’ve made. Mainly this is in regards to our Rules and Guidelines.

We’ve been talking about releasing updated rules and guidelines since our large explosion of users a few weeks back. We’ve been pretty busy since then trying to accommodate the influx in both the discord and the site itself, and as such we haven’t been able to push these out as quickly as we wanted to. We wanted to make sure we got as much input from each other on the mod team as possible, and we wanted to try to cover as much as we could think to cover. Your suggestions and questions have helped guide us in this process. 

By no means is our updated list exhaustive. Both the Rules and Upload Guidelines pages are living documents - they will update and change with the site and its growth as needed. But we’d like to think that this is a good start, and makes things a lot more clear for users going forward.

You can find the updated Rules page here.

And you can find the updated Guidelines here.

If you have any questions for us regarding these updates, please feel free to voice them in the comments below, or field them to one of our moderators in the discord. That being said,

We’d also like to announce that - as some of you may have noticed, we’ve had to turn off discord invites for now. 

This is a decision made carefully; We want to give our moderator team some time to adjust and settle in. Because of the large influx of users over the past week or two, we’ve had to make snap decisions and push things out much faster than we ever intended to. Because of this we’ve had some major growing pains, as we’re sure you are well aware. To combat these struggles, we’re trying to reign things in a bit. We hope you understand!

Once we have the discord server more comfortably managed, we will open things up again. In that same tangent, registrations will open once we have the site servers migrated and settled to better hosting.

We’d like to, once again, extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you. Sheezy would not be sheezy without your continued support and use! You make this community what it is, and we’re happy to be curating this space for you. 

We hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!


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comic wip shots by star_border@rhundax
posted 40 minutes ago1 view1 like

havent uploaded much because im spending time on a comic project where everyone is off-model all the time and i just have to deal with it. heres some WIPs and previews with a cooldown maymay on top


Pokemon Trainer YCH on FA! by @SleepyZari
posted 2 hours ago3 views

If anyone is interested, there's no bids at the moment!

big character purge by star_border@damascus
posted 3 hours ago8 views

 (70+ characters, 2 accounts)

dm me on toyhouse @ damascus if you're interested in anyone :)

Success by @Cartoons
posted 3 hours ago10 views1 like

I officially remixed the PlayStation 2 startup, It took me a bit. (I thought I will sound bad but...) I played it a coupled of times turns out it was not so bad after all, It sounded really good on the first try! This is my first time remixing these. Hopefully I would probably do a Windows startup remix of any kind! Maybe XP.  Comment what you think, should I do better?

If you haven't listened to it,

I suggest you do it! 

Notes for an unnamed Sonic OC by @KatTheLynx
posted 9 hours ago6 views

iPod Meme!! by @JungleFiend
posted 15 hours ago28 views2 likes

I'll link each song through youtube, but I made a playlist here (on spotify) of all of them if you want to listen!! come indulge in my music taste ^_^


1. Put Spotify on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name


How would you describe yourself?:
Songbird - Fleetwood Mac
[ okay we're starting off strong I see here!! i am FEELIN IT. 10/10 agree with this song ]

What do you like in a woman?:
Dead Man Walking - City Wolf
[ FLASHING WARNING FOR THE VIDEO!! im linking the video that made me find this song, check out this person they're very talented!! ]
[ so basically a woman that will look at me and think "i can make them worse" and i respect that. ]

How do you feel today?:
Prevailing Westerlies - Hylics 2 OST
[ absolutely. i woke up from a great sleep and im feeling really chill!! ]

What is life's purpose?:
Just Gold - MandoPony
[ i did not expect to get a fnaf song but. Yeah. Yeah sure ]

What is your motto?:
Loose Ones - Dessy Hinds
[ simply would not have it any other way ]

What do your friends think of you?:
[ my friends basically dont think im okay and thats pretty on point <3 ]

What do you think of your parents?:
Broadside - Coffee Talk
[ not the edgy song LMAO... I guess it tracks?? ]

What do you think about very often?:
More Like Jason - Little Tybee
[ guess i wanna be more like jason! on the real though this is a fantastic song that could represent my thoughts ]

what is 2 + 2?:
Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) - Limp Bizkit
[ i have no words. i guess i liked this song a lot when i was in middleschool so it makes sense ???]

What do you think of your best friend?:
Saweetie - Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat, JessB & OKENYO) 
[ the way my jaw dropped seeing it was this song... its literally meant to be wtf 😳 ]
[ this is a remix and i do like the original more, but this one is still cool ]

What do you think of the person you like?:
Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix
[ 😳 ]

What is your life story?:
This December - Ricky Montgomery
[ ill take it. a wonderful song too ]

What do you want to be when you grow up?:
Pokemon World - NateWantsToBattle
[ AGAIN. MY JAW DROPPED?? why is this so perfect, I DO WANNA BE A POKEMON MASTER ]

What do you think of when you see the person you like?:
Athena -  Nova Twins

What will you dance to at your wedding?:
World's End Valentine - OMORI OST
[ listen. if everyone isn't dancing like this when the beat drops im kicking everyone out ]

What will they play at your funeral?:
WIGGLE - binki
[ yea, you cant really go wrong with this song. the chorus is extremely on point for how i want people to be at my funeral ]

What is your hobby/interest?:
Cabo - Ricky Montgomery
[ another ricky song? out of my 2k songs liked? the chance! not sure how to feel about this one, but it is a good song ]

What is your biggest fear?:
Cars with the Boom - L'Trimm
[ apparently i fear cars with crazy bass?? but i actually love the feeling of heavy bass reverberating through my chest. although i guess it does shake me up a bit!! ]

What is your biggest secret?:
Psychopomp - Thank You Scientist
[ okay first off, this song f**king slaps. there's a lot to unpack here secret wise ]

What do you think of your friends?:
MONTERO Call Me By Your Name - Lil Nas X
[ 😳 ]

What will you post this as?:
Tequila Shots - Kid Cudi
[ a good end song!! ]

playlist (again)
hope you enjoy B)
i tag anyone who has a free hour to do this!!