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Art Challenge (September 2021) by brightness_auto@rytoonist
updated 2 weeks ago133 views6 likes1 comment

Hey y’all!

@DaxDoodles has been doing an awesome job so far running our monthly competitions, but they deserve some time off - so now it’s my turn!

September’s challenge is actually a full-blown competition and will be focussed around Animation. The winning entry will be chosen by us and featured on the homepage (in a new design coming soon πŸ‘€) for the whole of October and will be published across all of our social media accounts - and who knows, there may even be a secret prize for whoever nabs first place! :joggers:

The prompt word is Thwart - your animation can be anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes in length and must adhere to the Rules and be suitable for anyone under the age of 16 to view.

The deadline is midnight on October 1st and your submission must contain the hashtag #SheezSept2021

Rules Your artwork must have the appropriate hashtag ( #SheezSept2021 ) Your artwork must be rated Teen or below You cannot use any copyrighted content - any music, sound effects, stock images etc. must either be royalty free or your own original work Be civil and respectful to your fellow competitors Collaborations are allowed, just be sure to provide credit to everyone involved in the description of your artwork Most importantly, enjoy what you create and have fun making it!

Looking forward to seeing what ya got!

:RyLipBite: ry

Art Challenge August 2021 WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT by security@DaxDoodles
posted 2 weeks ago46 views2 likes

August 2021 Art Challenge: PLANT PEOPLE  πŸŒΏ

Hello demons, it's me- Ya boi back at it again with the #sheezaug21 winner announcement! got some spectacular art this time round, not that the other ones weren't spectacular, but you get what I mean!!! ahem... THE WINNERS ARE:

πŸ‘‘ Winner! @fae_line !!!!

fae_line Entry  

Honourable Mentions!

πŸ₯ˆ Second place @thiccmurg thiccmurg Entry

πŸ₯‰ Third place @t t Entry

Special Thanks

⭐ @bonythesquirrel bonythesquirrel Entry

⭐ @daxdoodles daxdoodles Entry

If you want to make suggestions on next months prompt go to the Challenges chat on the Sheezy discord. 

Stay tuned for when the next art challenge prompt gets released!

Seriously Imma run out of ideas eventually... <3

Active Character Update by brightness_auto@rytoonist
posted 4 weeks ago128 views5 likes2 comments

Hey there!

Hope y'all are doing well and staying safe.

Just a quick update to announce that today we introduced a new featured called 'Active Character' – you can create and pose as your OCs while using the site! Check it out in your Account Dashboard!


ry :RyLipBite:

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feedtheater_comedy pokΓ©mon flash jam collab by beta_tester@t
updated 1 day ago19 views1 like

haha. you got a week


must be about pokémon

must be in flash (compatible with cs3 or under)

don't go too crazy, i'm going for the teen rating at most

800x600, 24fps, 48kbps mono audio

dm me your finished entry (.fla) via discord (maplerabbit, join the server to find me)

also avoid filters, ruffle doesn't support these yet


deadline is september 24th. be there or be square. idk if i'm gonan upload this to ng i'm still thinking about it

Update blog! #1 by @Cloe
posted 2 days ago13 views

Heyo! So I apologise for the lack of content in a while. I've been recently very busy with real life stuff and primarily school. It sucks. But hey, at least I'm recently getting to get along with my dad a bit better. Been helping him out with some very basic detective work! Caught him surprised of what I was capable of >:) . Anyway, I'm probably gonna record something soon and keep y'all hopefully a bit more interested! Finally gonna show off a bit more of my voice, haha. So yeah, I hope y'all understand why I was so busy, but I promise I will upload more stuff soon! If nothing else I'll update my profile a bit, as it is very basic and uninteresting. So yeah! I'll be talking to yall later! Thanks for reading!

Medibang Premium Update by @SuperStarmations
posted 2 days ago17 views

Okay, i'm a bit pissed about that Medibang Premium Update while i was starting to draw, and those annoying ads too, i've been using this software for 5 years and it went good and got skills with this software, until now it's just disappointing with the update... harsh...

Well i may recommend using another drawing software like FireAlpaca, Procreate (i best use), or Clip Studio (probably), and i might still use Medibang if i can, but still those ads are f**king annoying and it includes a monthly subscription in it, but i'm not gonna pay it anyways... so.... that's the update i'm pissed so... yeah.


Hey by beta_tester@stevetherapper
posted 3 days ago18 views

Um hello. Might be more active here idk.

how tall am i by ocpollycracker487
posted 3 days ago26 views1 comment

i think 5 fertilizers

nogijn im going to the store do you want anything by ocpollycracker487
posted 3 days ago24 views

mac and cheese