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Art Challenge!!! (October 2021) by security@DaxDoodles
updated 1 week ago219 views8 likes2 comments

Howdy ho, Sheezerinos. Dax back :jakepoppin: @rytoonist 's epic animation challenge is over and it is back to me for this months


However we at Sheezy are aware that this month is full of challenges like Inktober so we thought it best to give a lil' break this month and have more of a suggestion instead. This month there will be no winners just participants! and we will set about featuring all the submissions we like the best throughout the month. Still to help us see your work use the tag #SheezOct21

This months prompt is:  SHEEMZ COSTUME CONTEST  :SheemzSippy: 👻

Original Sheemz reference here, by @sebbotto

Make sure you make our darling boy look amazing, I'm sure you can manage, no pressure or anything.

Submission Deadline: November 1st

 The Rules 📜:

The artwork must have the appropriate hashtag to be submitted.

No plagiarism, if you are found stealing and/or copying someone elses work you shall be disqualified.

If your submission is NSFW it shouldn't be Sheemz is our cute baby boy thats weird.

Be respectful to your fellow competitors.

Collaboration works are allowed! Just make sure you mention everyone involved.

Most importantly, enjoy what you create and have fun making it!

If you want to make suggestions on next months prompt go to the Challenges chat on the Sheezy discord. 


Is it just me or are there more spiders lately? Keep arting!


Art Challenge September 2021 WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT by brightness_auto@rytoonist
updated 2 weeks ago134 views1 like

September 2021 Art Challenge: Thwart

Heyo, Ry here - announcing the winner and
runners-up of September's Animation Competition!

The Curse by @tadsanimations 


I absolutely love the originality of this piece,
and the sound design is brilliant. Great work!

🥈 Second Place:
Thwarted by @christiandraws 


Great comedic timing! Well done!

🥉 Third Place:
Bony shorts-cartoony violence by @bonythesquirrel 


Loving the throwback references here, good stuff!

⭐ Honourable Mention:
Thwarted Dumbass by @daxdoodles 


Unfortunately this was uploaded a little late,
but I still want to give it a mention as the artwork
and animation are fantastic!


Well done to everyone who submitted, stay tuned for October's challenge!

- Ry <3

Art Challenge (September 2021) by brightness_auto@rytoonist
updated 2 weeks ago282 views9 likes2 comments

Hey y’all!

@DaxDoodles has been doing an awesome job so far running our monthly competitions, but they deserve some time off - so now it’s my turn!

September’s challenge is actually a full-blown competition and will be focussed around Animation. The winning entry will be chosen by us and there may even be a secret prize for whoever nabs first place! :joggers:

The prompt word is Thwart - your animation can be anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes in length and must adhere to the Rules and be suitable for anyone under the age of 16 to view.

The deadline is midnight on October 1st and your submission must contain the hashtag #SheezSept2021

Rules Your artwork must have the appropriate hashtag ( #SheezSept2021 ) Your artwork must be rated Teen or below You cannot use any copyrighted content - any music, sound effects, stock images etc. must either be royalty free or your own original work Be civil and respectful to your fellow competitors Collaborations are allowed, just be sure to provide credit to everyone involved in the description of your artwork Most importantly, enjoy what you create and have fun making it!

Looking forward to seeing what ya got!

:RyLipBite: ry

Latest Journal Entries
haha This Rules by @skoolarart
posted 46 minutes ago5 views1 like

Poking around and all I can say is that so far this site is a dream come true. Look at all those artist friendly options.

without bling i still gleam, glisten and shine, man by ocSacredErgCrystal
posted 2 hours ago7 views1 like2 comments

some say i'm vendor trash............

i say my worth isn't determined by my usefulness to others

finally... by @furuyawn
posted 2 hours ago2 views

some good f**king food art site where i can post my nsfw humanoid art

*proceeds to spam the new submissions page w/ my horny oc bulls**t*

This song... by beta_tester@drymartini
posted 2 hours ago4 views

I just discovered this song by Reel Big Fish and it sounds like something you'd find in a Sonic the Hedgehog game (like SA or SA2), mostly cuz of the guitar solos in my opinion!

Howdy by @spiralofvertigo
posted 3 hours ago3 views2 likes

Hey there! I came here after seeing a friend post about it and was incredibly shocked to see the name Sheezyart in 2021 lol.


I had an account on the original site because I'm very old but I look forward to seeing what this site has in store for it!

Help girl lol by @chocolatechippi
posted 4 hours ago21 views2 comments

Is there a way to delete notifications lol