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Storage Quota by @DarinScraps
posted 4 days ago60 views3 likes12 comments

As I was exploring the user options in the site, I noticed this "File Storage Quota" section. At first I didn't mind it much since I thought it was just like DeviantArt's since both sites have a similar capacity (I think Sheezy's is only the slightest bit bigger), but then I noticed there doesn't seem to be a quick access to a storage section of the site (to my knowledge, since Drafts still appear in the gallery, but they're only visible to me). Upon looking at the File Storage Quota again, I noticed that my uploads were still taking up storage space.

Now, I don't have much of a problem with this other than my best artworks being generally huge, meaning I would have to either upload lower resolution versions, or be constantly juggling to see what's worth posting to maximize my storage space use to post interaction ratio. I also don't know if this is a weekly quota, a monthly quota, a yearly quota,or if the storage space is finite forever and the only way to get more is via Patreon; I tried looking into all the readable pages in the site, but there wasn't an explanation or clarification anywhere.

This isn't to say that I'm leaving the site after a day tho, since it's a nice community and it's in general pretty neat here, but I'm slightly concerned about the storage space limitations.

Trying this stuff out. by @DarinScraps
posted 5 days ago17 views2 likes2 comments

Just kinda wanna say thank you to all the people liking my Piplups and following me! It's my first day in the site, but it already feels so neat and welcoming.

I'm gonna be posting a few works just so my gallery isn't super empty, but might slow down my posting gradually through the days... or weeks.