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T[2018] When The Smoke Clears by @Sergiroth
posted 4 days ago

Artwork from December 2018.


So, Quake Champions is not working properly right now, but at least I got some inspiration. Wish I had a team so I could develop an arena shooter.

A battle-ready Fumiko I sketched yesterday that started as an Arena FPS character mock up, and decided to finish today. If she was a playable character in a shooter, she'd probably have lots of health, armor (despite how... little she has), could probably stomp your health by jumping on your head, and have immunity to self-inflicted splash damage (health-wise, armor would still get damaged), which means infinite rocket/granade-jumping.

The backdrop is an old map for Quake III Arena I made almost 10 years ago. (EDIT: It's been more than 10 years by 2021)

Fumiko Goode belongs to Sergiroth.


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